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Currency Counting Machine | Money Counting Machines

The Currency Counting Machine is one which counts money. These types of Cash Machines (currency counting machines, fake note detector machine, note counting machines) are normally found in areas where huge money transactions are to be taken place. These Cash Counting Machines normally work in a fashion predefined. They count the banknotes of similar size which have been sorted out. These currency counting machines & fake currency detectors provide a lot of convenience for the users and increases efficiency as well. Usually the accuracy of these currency counting machines is almost 99%, with a 1% error chance keeping in mind whether the banknotes are stapled or folded at the counting end.

E.A. Rental Solutions sells / rents all kind of money counters, currency counter machines and supplies. We strive to be your first choice in money handling equipment and supplies by offering the finest products at competitive prices along with quality service and support. These note counting machines & fake currency detector machines are not only labor saving devices but they also allow you to achieve a more accurate count of money much faster than manual counting and at the same time they can check for any counterfeit notes.

MegaVolt Rental Solutions carry a complete range of currency counter, money counting machines and counterfeit detection products and accessories including counters with Ultra Violet (UV) detection and Magnetic Detection (MG).  We offer the best prices, highest quality service and support and superior equipment. Please give us a try. If you are hand counting your money today then you need to consider the cost of miscounts and labor involved in the counting process. These machine will increase count accuracy and save you money in labor costs. Improve your company’s efficiency and accuracy by investing in one of our machines today.

We Rental Solutions is India's no-1 Currency Counting Machine distributor offering currency counting machine for sale, currency counting machine on rent, cash counting machine rentals, note counting machine lease etc in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad & other parts of India.

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